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Jan.7, 2019 to Jan.10, 2019, Hong Kong Toy Fair, New Chida is looking forward to your visit!
2019-1-2   2585 Times

From Jan. 7, 2019 to Jan. 10, 2019, Hong Kong Toy Fair is looking forward to seeing you.

Asian Authoritative Toy Exhibition

Hong Kong Toy Fair HONG KONG TOYS & GAMES FAIR attracted 46,163 buyers from 126 countries and regions to visit and purchase in 2017. The number of buyers reached a record high. The exhibition has several product areas to satisfy buyers'purchasing needs, including the brand gallery, smart toys, sports world and children's world. Other theme exhibition areas are all-inclusive, such as puzzle toys and games, electronic and remote control toys, festivals and Party supplies, fireworks (new exhibition area), comprehensive toys, outdoor and sporting goods, business services and toy cars, and a wide range of toys and games around the world to meet the needs of different buyers.

During the same period, three large-scale exhibitions were held, including the 8th Hong Kong TDC Baby Products Exhibition, the 17th Hong Kong International Stationery Exhibition and the 14th Hong Kong International Authorization Exhibition, which attracted nearly 120,000 buyers worldwide, up 2.2% from last year. More than 118 buyers'groups were organized by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Board. About 6,135 enterprises from 65 countries and 9,010 international buyers visited three exhibitions, namely, toys, baby supplies and stationery exhibitions.

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